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PPD 100% Club

The SPED Professional Piping Designer (PPD) 100% Club is a program where members pledge to maintain 100% certification among their Piping Designer Staff.  In support of this pledge, SPED makes PPD online review resources available to the member at no cost and supports their efforts to plan training and gain public funding for staff training and testing.  PPD 100% Club members receive a certificate of compliance for each office adhering to program requirements.  A Club member with all offices within a corporate entity in compliance can display the PPD 100% Club logo on their website and proposals within that entity.  Membership in the program is free to SPED Corporate Members. There is no contract or other legal obligation associated with this program.  A signed letter of intent to certify pipers is all that is required.   This is part of SPED's committment to promote excellence and quality in piping design.  We hope you will join us in our effort to continually improve the skills of piping designers,


The technical success of the SPED Professional Piping Designer (PPD) Certification Program and the availability of Video, Classroom and Online training to prepare for PPD Certification has enabled this program.  SPED has tested and certified pipers worldwide.  In addition, SPED has successfully taught PPD Level I and Level III knowledge in the classroom, through videos and online courses. Other college and company training programs have taught PPD Piper BootCamp and Process Plant Layout.

SOME OF THE ORGANIZATIONS WHO ARE USING SPED TRAINING: Dow Chemical, SNC-Lavalin (U.S.A.), WorleyParsons Canada, (AMEC Canada), Technip, Zachry Engineering, URS, WorleyParsons (Houston), AMEC (Houston), Chevron Angola.  Many more organizations and individuals have used SPED's training and participate in our certification program.  Currently, over 800 pipers are PPD Certified.

WHAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY?  SPED PPD 100% Club members pledge that 100% of their Piping Designers will become certified as Professional Piping Designers (PPD). Documenting staff credentials are simple:

ü  Pledge to get 100% of current Piping Designers PPD Certified within one year of joining the program.

ü  Pledge to get new hires PPD Certified within one year of employment.


Members do not sign a contract and there is no cost to join.

WHAT ASSISTANCE DOES SPED OFFER?  The PPD 100% is exclusively for SPED Corporate Members. SPED supports PPD 100% Club Members by providing the following:

ü  A copy of the PPD Review Video to help employees prepare for PPD exams.

ü  Discounted onsite PPD Review and Exam with 20 or more participants.

ü  The best discounts available for the PPD Review and Exam, testing, PPD Certification and PPD Certification renewal.

CURRENT MEMBERS: AMEC Natural Resources Americas • The Dow Chemical Company U.S.A. • HATCH, Brisbane Office • Power Engineers • WorleyParsons Canada • SNC-Lavalin U.S.A.

The SPED PPD 100% Club Program is beneficial to EPC Employers, Clients and Piping Designers.  To pledge, or for more information, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call +1 832.286.3404.



The Society of Piping Engineers and Designers (SPED) is an international society established to promote excellence and quality in the practice of piping engineering and design. SPED emphasizes education and training to advance the employability and competitiveness of its members. !

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