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The Society of Piping Engineers and Designers is an International organization promoting Excellence and Quality in Piping Design and Engineering through networking, training and certification programs. It is comprised of a headquarters in Houston, Texas with chapters in Houston, Calgary, Perth (still forming), Louisville, Ontario and a world-wide community of individual members. Corporations supporting SPED and providing membership benefits to employees and contractors are listed on the Corporate Membership page.


History of SPED

1980 - Present


It all began when a four year (BS) engineering technology program in Process and Piping Design was started in the Fall of 1977 at the University of Houston –Downtown. An industrial advisory committee for the program was formed consisting of piping managers from several companies such as Dow Chemical, Bechtel, Lummus, etc. During committee discussions, the members realized the need for a forum or organization for piping designers, engineers and piping professionals.


In response to the need expressed by this industrial advisory committee, the Society of Piping Engineers and Designers (SPED) was founded in 1980.  The organization was designed to promote excellence and quality in piping design and Engineering, through professional development, training and certification for piping designers and Engineers.  To that end, SPED organized chapter meetings with Piping Industry leaders presentations.  Additionally, SPED developed online piping design courses, challenging exams and programs like the PPD 100% Club.  These efforts help pipers achieve excellence and document their skills with Professional Piping Designer (PPD) Certification.


Thirty three years have passed and SPED continues to serve piping designers and the piping profession world-wide with chapters in Houston, Calgary, Louisville, KY, U.K./Eire, Burlington, Ontario and partners in Spain and Malaysia.  Current membership includes piping designers around the world and 34 corporate members.  Chapter meetings and events such as the Annual SPED conference provide professional development and networking opportunities for piping designers and students. Membership is open and encouraged for all piping designers, students of piping design and corporations worldwide.  Please consider joining SPED.


Volunteers are needed to carry on the charter; if you are interested in volunteering for a task or there is something you wish to see SPED provide to its membership and are willing to organize an event, please contact us.