William G Beazley has announced his retirement as SPED Executive Director and Treasurer, effective no later than October 30, 2013. Dr. Beazley, who has served 11 years in those positions and as Director for another 19, is retiring to focus more on Mechanical Engineering practice and training. He is the longest serving Executive Director and Treasurer in SPED's history.


Under Dr. Beazley's tenure, SPED has grown tremendously. It now has:


39 Corporate Members:

6 Chapters

900 Certified Pipers/Members

A 4 Level Professional Piping Designer Certification Program

2 Video Course sets for licensing

2 online courses (Piper Boot Camp and Process Plant Layout)

2 online certifications reviews (Levels I and III)


"All these things were done by SPED's Members with the support of SPED staff," said Dr. Beazley. "I always felt like the director of a great orchestra: The musicians play and I get to hear the music from up close."


"The most difficult thing we did," said Beazley, "was the PPD Certification program. It required taking all the content and quizzes of the flagship Process Plant Layout course and extending them into the 17 test banks of PPD Level III. Eventually, test banks were developed for Level I as well. Starting with the first two PPD certified pipers (John Gay and Ron Burrows), the questions have been validated, verified and used on hundreds of pipers worldwide. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world." The PPD Advisory Committee is working on Levels II and IV and hopes to roll out the tests before the end of the summer.


"The most fun thing," he continued, "is starting chapters and working with their members. Only when you get one-on-one with pipers do you see how professionalizing their work has increased their pride and prospects. Piping is an exclusive, high value added profession with a high barrier to entry and high levels of compensation."


"The future, for SPED is very, very bright," added Beazley. We have a strong Board, competent committees and an active membership. I always knew that I had strong professionals to call on and sought their advice and support frequently. I never forgot that I worked at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. The Chapters are showing vigorous independent thinking reflecting their members' needs at the local level. All the ideas we will ever need are out there in the membership."


Dr. Beazley announced his retirement at the Board meeting in July. "I dated the retirement NLT Oct 30 to allow the Board to hire my replacement as soon as they were selected," he added.


Dr. Beazley will continue to support training and certification products for SPED through Information Assets, Inc.