SPED Announces Plans for New Course on Piping Design Quality Assurance

Course is Preparation for PPD Level II Certification

Update 25 January 2020: Dr. William Beazley announced to the SPED board of directors that PPD II testing modules will be ready for the PPD Advisory Committee in February - March of this year.


SPED has announced plans for a course on Piping Design Quality Assurance. The new course will prepare pipers to take the Profession Piping Design (PPD) Certification Exam for Level II. The course will be developed under the direction of the SPED PPD Advisory Committee (PPDAC) with review and input from SPED individual and Corporate Members. The course will be offered online with the video segments available for license.



“This PPD Level II course will fill an important gap in our training program,” said William G. Beazley, SPED Executive Director. “Our industry-standard PPD Level I and III course are widely used but Level II will now be addressed.” SPED’s Piper Bootcamp and Process Plant Layout courses address Levels I and III, respectively.


PPD Level II, Piping Design Quality Assurance, is considered a critical area of today’s piping layout work practices.  It addresses checking various design documents for errors of content and consistency, as well as adherence to multiple codes and standards.  Process Flow Sheets, Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, Equipment/Valve Data Sheets, Piping Layouts and Fabrication ISO’s are among the documents reviewed for errors.  Pipers will be expected to understand the data shown on each document and check for consistency between them.


In addition, there are additional topics addressed on field data collection and specialty piping systems. These topics, along with the QA checking are required by SPED’s Recommended Practice RP-0001, which governs the SPED PPD Certification Program.


About SPED


Since 1980, SPED has focused exclusively on the needs of Piping Engineers and Designers, by:


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