The Technical Briefs could not have gone better - all of the speakers did a fantastic job of presenting their material.  Comments ranged from "really good" to "wish it could have been two days for the briefs I attended".  Pipers enjoyed the Corporate Member Showcase and Annual General Business Meeting as well.  Bill Sember's presentation on Floating LNG Systems was well received.  Lots of great door prizes were handed out and lots of networking went on between Corporate Members, pipers and guests.  The Birds of a Feather user group meeting was a success, and Level IV Pipers enjoyed the PPD Advisory Committee reception.  Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors without whom we could not have presented such a strong event.  We will be sending out surveys shortly to attendees and Corporate Member sponsors to find out how the event can improve for next year.  More photos forthcoming in the November SPED Update.


LtoR: Ray Konet, Valero, John Nyholt, BP America, Paul Bowers, SPED Calgary President, Joe Frey, Stress Engineering Services, Inc. and Mark Carte, Olympus NDT


Atilio Zelaya, Total CAD Systems, Inc.
presents Ken Harbord with iPad door prize at 31st AGBM


Attendees at 2011 Corporate Member Showcase Reception