On Wednesday April 26, 2017 Kevin Noakes PPD IV and Clarence Wynter PPD IV provided a SPED Membership & Certification Promotion Lunch & Learn to students and instructors at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) School of Construction Process Piping Drafting (PPD) Fast Track Program.



Sixteen PPD students and AVEVA PDMS trainer, Vimal Joshi, were in attendance. They came to the SAIT Lunch & Learn Presentation Classroom directly after the first morning session of an AVEVA 3D modeling 2-day training seminar, held in a nearby CAD training classroom. Lunch was provided by SAIT catering service; pizza, muffins and a variety of beverage choices.

Clarence took pictures and represented SPED by providing added value technical presentations to the SPED promotion (provided by Kevin), opening the meeting with a safety moment on field safety best practices advice and ending the meeting with field piping technical specialist work requirements and advice.


Presentation Agenda:


*    What is SPED

*    Promoting excellence and quality in piping design

*    SPED Professional Piping Designer (PPD) Certification

*    Training and PPD Levels of Achievement

*    Testing / Examinations

*    SPED NSS (Non-SPED-Student) PPD 1 Exam for SAIT PPD students

*    Individual and Corporate Member Benefits

*    Professional Development Units (PDUs)

*    SPED WEB Site

*    SPED Chapters

*    Career Advice

*    The importance of Field Experience

*    Q&A

An invitation was made to all of the SAIT PPD students to write the SPED
NSS (Non-SPED-Student) PPD Level 1 Exam.




Students in SAIT's Process Piping Drafting (PPD) full-time 34-week PPD certificate program gain practical skills in the latest software and drafting techniques in the process piping industry. Students work closely with industry leaders to ensure that what they're learning today directly applies to their career tomorrow.

This is an intensive program requiring a commitment of both time and energy; students who experience success are those who make their education a priority during the 34 weeks of the program.