Sonja Pagel Photo SPED


I am Sonja Pagel and a Senior Piping Designer for Hatch Engineering, working at Hatch Engineering Johannesburg office South Africa – Hatch Global Corporate Member of SPED – 2023

I have 18 years’ experience in Petrochemical and Mining, and minor underground piping design experience.

I am part of the PAS group (Piping Automation Specialist) and assisting my colleagues in the Bentley platform system for the piping and mechanical disciplines.

I also assist in coordinating model reviews taking leadership in smaller projects if no Design Co-Ordinator has been assigned. Currently taking on a role of piping lead and coordinating workload and progress to other piping designers on the current project assigned to me.

I have started off as a Piping CAD operator at Megchem Engineering and worked myself up to a Senior piping designer. Although engineering was not my first career choice after a year a started enjoying the engineering career that was chosen for me and wanted to get qualified as a Piping designer.

I then worked for Sasol polymers and then got and offer from Megchem Engineering. They had an in-house training program for Piping designers, which I then applied for and myself and a few other ladies were accepted as one of the first woman trainees for this national qualified certification (Merceta).

After a few years of working for Megchem, Sasol Polymers and Apex Engineering. I got an opportunity for permanent employment with Hatch Engineering as a Piping Designer.

My Lead Engineering at that time was Mulalo Silidi and he recommended the SPED program to grow in my Piping designer career. I have researched the program and found that SPED would be a good fit to my career development.

The reason for me choosing the SPED program is that it is an international organization promoting excellence and Quality in Piping Design and Engineering through networking, training, and certification programs. Through this program I have started gaining more confidence in my design and layout work. I started with the PBC Video Series and Level I & II, after the required number of years and remaining a Piper in good standing, I took the PPL Course and acquired PPD Level III and I am confident to continue with this program. I will develop even more knowledge and experience that I would require for my next adventure for my career development which will be Design coordinator.